Bucket-List Trails

Shining Sea Bikeway, Falmouth, Massachusetts. Photo Credit: Cate Brown/Yankee

From majestic mountains to picturesque winding coastlines, outdoor explorers can get up close to New England’s diverse natural beauty thanks to the region’s many hiking and cycling trails. Continue reading.

On the Water

The waters that flow through, pool in, and lap at the shores of the New England states lend the region much of its character. From the headwaters of mighty inland rivers to placid Long Island Sound, from massive Lake Champlain to the always-in-motion Atlantic Ocean, these bodies of water have also long invited thrill-seekers. Continue reading.

Winter Thrills

While some of the best ski resorts in the United States can be found in New England—places such as Stowe in Vermont, Sugarloaf in Maine, and Bretton Woods in New Hampshire—you don’t need to be an Alpine skier or snowboarder to make this region your winter playground. Continue reading.