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Why International Visitors?

Discover New England (DNE) is a cooperative marketing alliance funded by five New England states to attract international travelers to the region. These travelers are often much more familiar with the New England “brand” than they are the individual states. DNE represents the region overseas in the UK and Ireland. DNE also conducts per-project work in Germany, Australia and New Zealand, China, France, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Below, learn more about why international travelers are important to New England and the important role they play in the U.S. economy.

Data sources: the U.S. Department of Commerce — International Trade Administration — Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTA), National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO), and International Trade Association Forecast.

Why focus on international travelers?

  • International visitors are sophisticated and savvy travelers, perfect for New England.
  • They enjoy the abundance of cultural and learning experiences found in this region of the country.
  • International visitors spend up to 10 times more than the domestic visitor.
  • The average European gets 4-6 weeks paid vacation and typically takes at least one international vacation a year.
  • These visitors do not cancel because of the weather.
  • They often travel at different times of year and fill the “slow” gaps in the U.S. market.
  • Because they are here for long periods of time, international travelers help fill beds in New England hotels and inns on weekday nights when these properties might otherwise have vacancies.

Incoming International Visitors: 2019 Data

Visitation to the United States

38.9 million international visitors (excludes Canada/Mexico) came to the U.S. in 2017. These travelers spent over $251 billion on US travel and tourism related goods and services. International travel is one of the largest exports for the United States, ranking ahead of agricultural goods and motor vehicles.

Visitation to New England

Nearly 2.2 million overseas visitors came to New England in 2019 (excluded Canada and Mexico). These overseas travelers spent more than $7 billion in total direct expenditures in New England.

Top Visitor Markets to New England: 2019 Data

The top 10 overseas markets into New England were: China, UK, Germany, France, India, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Italy, and Australia.

Travel from the UK

In 2019, an estimated 300,000 UK travelers came to New England with direct spending of $624 million.

Travel from Germany

In 2019, an estimated 130,000 German travelers came to New England with direct spending of $181 million.

Travel from France

In 2019, an estimated 115,000 French travelers came to New England with direct spending of $160 million.

Learn more about Discover New England’s Annual Tourism Summit & International Marketplace to see how your organization might increase its business from overseas travelers.


Events & Opportunities

Events & Opportunities

DNE offers marketing programs which allow New England tourism-based organizations to gain exposure to the target markets of the UK/Ireland, Germany, Japan and Australia. These include participating in a DNE booth at some of the largest international travel trade shows in our core markets where companies can meet face-to-face with international tour operators and media.

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