Ways to Partner

Discover New England works in collaboration with partners throughout the region. Whether you work for a local DMO or an individual hotel or attraction, Discover New England strives to expand your international market potential.

Here are the ways that Discover New England invites you to partner:

  • Valued Partner Program. The most impactful way to capitalize on Discover New England as a means of reaching the international market is to become a Valued Partner at the level that makes the most sense for business.
  • Travel & Show Schedule. Discover New England offers a schedule of sales missions, campaigns and travel shows that you may participate on a pay-to-play, first-come, first-service basis.
  • Images & Assets. Discover New England is building a gallery of images and short videos that are available for download by journalist and travel trade to promote. New England. If you have images that you own, that don’t have expiry or credit requirements and that you are willing to give shared rights with Discover New England to use flexibility, please upload them here.
  • What’s New. Discover New England compiles a valuable document two times a year that lists the latest news and announcements. Please email your news to info@discovernewengland.org with “Submission for DNE What’s New” in the subject line. Submissions may include new openings, renovations, expansions, new services or experiences available to visitors, new itineraries, awards and recognitions that would resonate to the international visitor. Be sure to inform your state office of tourism and local chambers as well.
  • Familiarization Tours (FAMS). Discover New England invites highly qualified tour operators and media to experience New England first-hand which is the most effective and most impactful way to expand tour offerings and to gain earned media. Discover New England relies completely on its partnership with state offices of tourism and with individual suppliers such as yourself to make these possible. If you would like to be considered for FAMs and are willing to provide comp admissions or stays for those FAMs that are the best fit for your business, please contact info@discovernewengland.org and contact your state office of tourism. Discover New England recognizes that comps are not always possible during certain high seasons; however, any gesture of partnership and shared cost with discounts are appreciated.
  • Develop multi-state trails. Discover New England seeks to develop a library of new regional suggested itineraries and “Top 10 Lists” and encourages businesses throughout the region to do the same. Please share your multistate trails with Discover New England by emailing info@discovernewengland.org.
  • Receptives. If you are an individual lodging or attraction/experience supplier, please consider contracting with one or more receptive operators. The majority of all international visitors book their trips through agencies that source their product and offerings supplied by USA receptive operators. Please review the “How to work with International Operators” document to learn more. Visit BrandUSA’s compilation here for a list of USA Receptives. Note, receptives that are commonly used for developing New England tours to a variety of overseas markets include: TourMappers (Boston-based), ATI (one of the largest), New World, Bonotel (luxury), North American Vacation Homes (independent units or suites), Destination America (group & FIT), Travalco (all types including attractions), Hotelbeds, Viator (attractions and experiences). For Japanese and Asian markets: JTB, Amnet, ANA/ Nippon, J-Pac, NTA America, JonView North American Hosts is a prominent receptive for the USA and Canada and is owned by H.I.S.
    • Tips – You don’t have to provide static pricing as most have direct capabilities for dynamic pricing. Because the international visitor tends to plan farther in advance, you can require stop-sells at a defined number of days. You can also limit or increase the number of rooms or admissions as you need to and even black out high periods.
    • Receptives promote your business and conduct trainings on your product and you only pay a small % only when you get a booking. They do lots of advance work for you on good faith they will be able to sell your product.
    • Relationships take time to develop and it is important for you to anticipate that you may need to keep rates in the system for a year or two before you start seeing sales. Start now to diversify your market base in the future; making your business more recession resilient.
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